5LEGENDS is open to anyone who aspires to become a LEGEND.

The first stage is to complete the online registration form (link), upload a video, stating your name, nationality, events completed (if any), your next 5LEGENDS event and the reasons why you are taking on this challenge.

Please note that if you finished the Tor Des Géants 2017 you can cross it off your list. It will count for the challenge.
For the Montane Spine® Race, Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, TransOmania and TransPyrenea finishes that count are going even further back than 2017 and will count towards your 5LEGENDS adventure.

To qualify for the inaugural 6th Legends Race you must complete all of the race by February, 2020. If you do not manage to finish all of the 5LEGENDS races by then, you will have to start writing a new story…